Follow-up letter to Johnson staff

Hi, Tom.


Thanks for your time Friday with Beth and me to talk about Senator Johnson’s position on the AHCA. It was great to have a chance to discuss with you. I appreciate that Senator Johnson wants to do the right thing and protect those most vulnerable in our state.

As you know, Beth and I have concerns about how Medicaid reforms will impact the most vulnerable people in Wisconsin. While we still don’t have a Congressional Budget Office report on the bill that passed the House, the previous report shows that Wisconsin will lose an estimated $1 billion. Because we have a very efficient program, there’s very little to be done to make our program sustain a 25% reduction in buying power.  As a result, our Medicaid program will need to cut benefits, limit eligibility and reduce reimbursements if reforms are passed that resemble the House bill.

Medicaid is critical to the futures of Wisconsin’s children and families, as well as people with disabilities. I have a few requests for you and Senator Johnson:

  1. Will Senator Johnson examine the drivers of rising costs in health care as part of his work on the Senate bill?
  2. Will the Senator have a public meeting on health care with stakeholders who use the programs to consider user input and consideration before a final version of the Senate bill is developed?
  3. Will the Senator take a tour in Wisconsin to see how Wisconsin has developed innovations and how Medicaid impacts people with disabilities and their families?

I would be more than happy to be a part of these ongoing discussions and help to coordinate community involvement in this important issue with you and Senator Johnson.

Thanks again for your time and interest, Tom.

Looking forward to talking again soon.

Jeff Burkhart


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